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Rather than write a lengthy explanation of this website, I thought I’d sit down and write down some of the common questions about this site:

What is this website?
OphthoDeck is the leading online flashcard site for the field of Ophthalmology.  On this site you’ll find hundreds of Ophthalmology and Optometry questions I’ve come up with while studying for my written boards.  I’ve transcribed these questions, and turned them into a database (this site) where you can shuffle through the cards.

Why is there only one card per page? 
I wanted to simulate the experience of flipping through paper flashcards when I designed this site.  By placing one question-answer pair on a page, you can work your way through the cards in a completely random order.

Can I download the cards?
Nope.  But you can visit this website anytime you want … 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Come rain or shine, OphthoDeck is there for you!

Where do you find these questions?
They are all made up by myself from my own study notes. 

What is the Hidden Question Mode?
By default, the answer to every question appears immediately below each question.  However, you may prefer the answer to remain hidden as you think of an answer in your head.  This is especially useful if studying in a group or when projecting to an audience like a powerpoint.  By clicking the “hidden answer mode” button at the top of the page, you’ll switch modes.  You can return to “Normal Mode” via the same manner.

What is the Star Rating at the bottom of each question?
This is a way for you to easily rate the difficulty of each question. Simply click on the star of your choosing (5 stars means the question is ridiculously hard) and your impression will be saved.  This “vote” goes into the database, and allows you to see how other people have rated the question. 

Do my Star ratings get saved?
No.  We purposefully made it so that when you see the question again you can “re-rate” it.  We could make your star ratings persist using cookies and IP addresses, but chose not to as many of the readers of these questions are using shared computers in residency and training programs. 

Some of the answers seem incorrect or incomplete!
No doubt.  Like I mentioned, these come from my personal study notes and I make no claim as to the accuracy or validity of the answers.  If you come across an answer that seems off (or find typos or other corrections) leave a comment under the question so I can come back and fix it. 

I’ve got a few questions you could add to the database!
Fantastic.  Either post the question on our suggest-a-question page or leave it as a comment under a related question.  I might just add it to the database.  I’ll likely reword the question so as not to violate any copyright problems.

Who holds the copyright for this site, anyway?
We do.  Unfortunately, we have to insist that any user posts made on the site ALSO become property of OphthoDeck.  This is necessary as it would be a legal nightmare to have a website full of posts owned by 100s of different readers, especially if we ever publish a paper version for sale.  All major online forums also maintain this policy, though it’s usually buried deep in their terms-of-service document.

How can we contact the you?
You can’t … hahaha!  Seriously, though, just leave a comment on one of the pages with your email address … all post comments get forwarded to me eventually. 


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