Anatomy (20)
Cornea/Ext (5)
Lids/Lac/Orbit (1)
Fundamentals (4)
Glaucoma (6)
Lens & Cataract (3)
Medicine (1)
Neurology (6)
Optics (5)
Pediatrics (4)
Retina (70)
Refractive Surg (8)
Pathology (2)
Uveitis (21)


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Tips for studying Optics:
Optics is the easiest subject to score high in! This is because residents hate optics, and put off learning it until the last minute.

Really, however, optics is probably the easiest subject … there are only six concepts you need to understand (lens equation, snells law, prism definition, prentice rule) that will allow you to figure out the answers to 80% of the questions asked.

The key to studying optics, however, is doing questions. Don’t bother reading texts … unless you are the type who enjoys reading math books. Just do questions, questions, questions, and you’ll be alright!


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