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Tips for studying General Medicine:
If you managed to get into an ophthalmology residency, you were probably a good medical student and did well on your boards.

The medicine questions on your written test are not terribly difficult when compared to the USMLE boards, but this subject is still hard to prepare for as you may not have had recent exposure to general medicine. The potential pool of data these could be drawn from are enormous! It doesn’t help that many of the recommendations for hypertensive meds, LDL cholesterol levels, and hormone therapy has changed over the past few years.

Overall, because of this disparity and broad subject coverage, this subject is hard to excel or fail in. Do a quick refresher course. A quick drug review can be especially useful: specifically, the mechanism of the different antibiotic classes and common medications such as the hypertensive and diabetic drugs. Antibiotics and medications that we stop before surgery are all high-yield.

Also, there are SOME eye diseases that will give you hints about systemic problems. These include:

  • Hollenhorst plaques - carotid disease
  • CHRPE bear tracks - Gardner syndrome
  • Aniridia - WAGR complex


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