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Tips for studying Pathology:

You will feel overwhelmed the first year you study ocular pathology. What’s a meduloepithelioma? Fuch’s adenoma? Benign mixed tumors? This is all foreign language that you don’t see in the eye clinic but once or twice a year.

It’s hard to know what’s important in this field … focus on the photos! Look at those photos and read any captions, as this will give you the buzz-words to look out for. Do lots of questions and try correlate questions with photos in an atlas.

Pathology takes a little work, but is definitely one of those subspecialties that you can perform very well in if you take the effort to learn it. A couple of key topics to focus on:

a. corneal staining with corneal dystrophies
b. angle anatomy with recession, NVA, irido-dialysis, etc..
c. phacoanaphylactic versus phacolytic appearance (macrophages)

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